Friday, April 1, 2011

How to Stay Informed in the College "News Bubble"

During my freshman year at IU, I became so wrapped in all of the new things surrounding me that I found myself drifting about in what I called that "news bubble." I could not tell you about one piece of news from the 2007-2008 school year. As the years have progressed I have found following the news to be more enjoyable and convenient, and I eventually broke out of that bubble. Of course, college students are always skilled at wasting time on the computer, so I put together a compilation of my favorite online news resources that you can use to keep up with what has been going on in the world!

1. The Indiana Daily Student
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I love the IDS online site because I can keep up on local Bloomington and IU news even if I forget to grab a copy of the free newspaper. The page also has links to the Weekend, Inside Magazine and Arbutus (all IU student publications).

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A good source for a quick review of U.S. and international news. A great resource for someone who only has the time to skim the headlines!

3. The Huffington Post
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This is just MY personal favorite, but online blogs and news outlets are a fantastic source of information. If you have a specific interest, look for a blog that discusses your interests and check it regularly! It is a great way to find unconventional news.

4. Al Jazeera
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As a journalism major, I hear a lot of complaints that even major news outlets like CNN or NBC report stories with a strong U.S. bias behind them. If you want to get international news WITHOUT the "U.S. tie-in," Al Jazeera is a fantastic resource.

5. Twitter
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Social media is a surprisingly easy way to keep up with news worldwide. Simply create a Twitter account and follow a few news outlets. Then, when you log in, you will get constant news updates about top headlines! I suggest Bloomberg and Reuters to get you started.

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