Thursday, March 24, 2011

How to Beat Post Spring Break Blues

Spring Break is past, but I'm still stuck on it! I had such an amazing trip visiting Orlando, FL, and I want to be back in the Sunshine State. Unfortunately, I'm back at IU attending classes, completing assignments and going to work. Getting back to reality is tough, and sometimes getting back into a routine is even tougher. I've come up with a few quick and handy tips to make you feel less vacation-home sick.

Take Some Time for Y-O-U
The weeks after Spring Break can be busy or hectic, and it is easy to get caught up in the shuffle. If you throw yourself into activities, work or homework, you might look up and realize that summer time has arrived and you haven't spent much time enjoying the last half of your spring semester. So, even though there is a lot of work to be done, be efficient about it and make time in your schedule for YOU. Don't forget to hang out with friends, go out to dinner or even curl up for a movie in your favorite pajamas. I have spent the last couple of days hanging out with my roommate Sarah, because with graduation looming I only have a few more weeks to spend with her. Don't burn yourself out! Taking time for number one will also help you to ease back into your normal schedule without feeling too forlorn about the delight of spring break days gone past.

Smell the Springtime
If your Spring Break is anything like mine, then you will find yourself shocked when you return to school to find that the town has torn away the bitter shackles of winter and stepped into spring. When I left Florida I was in 75 degree temperatures, and when I arrived in Bloomington I was in 77 degree temperatures. After months of holing up indoors, be sure to get outside and get some fresh air! Take that reading assignment outdoors, or plug in your computer into one of the outside plugs on the IMU's outdoor patio. Soak in the sunshine and leave those winter layers in the closet! The warmer weather will make you feel as though you are on a staycation, and will remind you why you loved campus so much... prior to the winter months.

Break Into New Habits
Coming back from a break is great, because it gives you the opportunity to recreate your routine. Do you normally get a $4 coffee in the afternoon at Starbucks? Pick up something cooler (like a cranberry or orange juice) from an RPS Dining location and savor it while sitting in the spring sunshine! Want to exercise more? A walk or jog outside will invigorate you. Want to put more effort into your studies? Set aside some daylight hours and start having group study sessions in Dunn Meadow or the nearest patch of grass!

While the end of Spring Break can seem depressing, don't forget that you only have a few more weeks to enjoy campus before summer arrives. Get your studying done, but remember to socialize, relax and enjoy the spring weather!

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